Residencies are a partnership between an educational organization and your class over the course of several months. Partners may vary each year depending on teachers' interests and students' needs; themes include STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). The programs take place over a course of 8-10 weeks during a designated period in the school day, once a week. Residencies vary by grade, offering creative hands-on learning opportunities in support of both critical thinking and social emotional growth. All classes in a particular grade participate in the same residency program.

Spring Residencies

TADA! Youth Theater

3rd grade: Wednesdays, Jan 25 - Mar 29

MUSICAL THEATER RESIDENCY: TADA! Youth Theater is excited to return for another Gotta Sing! Gotta Dance! in-school musical theater residency with the 3rd graders at P.S. 101Q! In this upbeat, high-energy musical theater in-school residency, students learn new introductory skills in the areas of singing, dancing, and acting as well as vocals and choreography to Broadway songs based on an assigned curricular topic. It’s the perfect blend of musical theater exploration and fun theater games to keep young minds engaged and active. By the end of the residency the 3rd graders will be ready to confidently shine in their final sharing for an invited audience.


5th grade: Tuesdays, Feb 7 - Apr 5

TECHNOLOGY RESIDENCY: The Fifth graders will learn how to build their own robots. RoBoMind Tech will teach them the skills needed to create and program their own robots. Our team has developed award-winning STEM curriculums, fostered champion robotics teams, organized the New York regional for the World Robot Olympiad, and has been repeatedly invited to community events such as Maker Faire, NY Academy of Sciences STEM mentoring event, and the World Science Festival. Employing years of competition and training experience, our team carefully designs curriculums and training programs that develop and inspire young minds. In collaboration with our international curriculum developer STEM4Maker and leading STEM organizations throughout the USA and Asia, we deliver education of the highest quality.

Fall Residencies

Alley Pond Environmental Center

Pre-K: Thursdays, Oct 20 - Jan 5
Kindergarten: Thursdays/Fridays, Oct 20 - Jan 6
4th grade: Wednesdays, Oct 19 - Dec 21
Bridge classes: Wednesdays, Oct 19 - Dec 21

SCIENCE RESIDENCY: The Alley Pond Environmental Center (APEC), a nonprofit environmental education organization, is dedicated to educating children and adults in the New York metropolitan area, protecting and preserving Alley Pond Park, open spaces and waterbodies, and advocating for sustainable environmental policies and practices. Each week, live animals and insects will be brought into the classroom for students to have an opportunity to see, touch, and interact with.

The Spark

1st grade: Wednesdays, Oct 19 - Jan 4

ART/YOGA RESIDENCY: Spark is an integrated art program that inspires and educates children using the three pillars of art, yoga and meditation. We are a community driven, child-centered experience aimed at using this creative trifecta to kids as tools in an ever increasingly digital world. Our classes place an emphasis on fun, exploration and creativity to bring forth the fire that lies within each child.

Spark is a healthy and safe space for children both to just breathe and be. We believe that children can be inspired to create a better future through intuitive exploration and individualized intention. That’s why our Teaching Artists create and share with them a safe, creative space where they can learn, grow, and express themselves in every imaginable way.

Salvadori Center

2nd grade: Tuesdays, Oct 4 - Nov 22

COMMUNITY BUILDING RESIDENCY: In this 8-week module, students investigate the kinds of structures and architectural elements that make up a “community.” Students design building façades, arrange geometric compositions that represent their community, and explore the characteristics of their neighborhood through a learning walk. For their final project, students work together to create a model of their ideal community.