A Message From
The PA Executive Board


Dear PS101 Families,

Summer is finally here! We made it everyone!

To our 5th grade families, we wish you all the best next year and congratulations on graduating from PS101. You will be missed.

To our Kindergarten families, congratulations on having your little ones step up this year. We wish them all the best as the enter 1st grade.

We know that many of our families continue to face challenges due to COVID-19.  Our school closed on March due to the pandemic and our teachers, administrators and you, responded quickly and as best as possible to adjust to the rapidly ever changing situation. COVID-19 continues to be an ongoing and very serious issue affecting the way we live and the way we educate our children. The PA, teachers and administrators of PS 101 have maintained our commitment to work in partnership and will continue discussing and planning for our return in the Fall.

More recently, we have also faced demonstrations, events, and discussions, spurred on by the killing of George Floyd and they are framing and forcing some of the most crucial discussions and calls for urgent action our country has ever seen. Starting conversations with kids about race relations can be hard, but it’s absolutely necessary.  What do we say to them? How do we explain the violence? The pain? The anger?  No one has all of the answers, but we can point parents and others who love and care for the youngest members of society to some important resources from respected thought leaders who offer advice and help.

Principal Paniagua shared a final video on Friday which touched on many important topics. She also shared several resources that families may find helpful in speaking about racism. The PA wanted to echo her sentiments and has also provided a list of resources at the bottom of this email.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy summer,

The Executive Board of the Parents' Association

COVID Resources

Racism and Activism