Board Members

The Executive Board of the PA for the 2023-24 school year is as follows:

Co-President Tamara Siddiqi [email protected]
Co-President Melissa Cruz [email protected]
1st Vice President
Caroline You
2nd Vice President, Residency Program Francisco Delgado
3rd Vice President, Class Parents Coordinator Matt Gewolb
Co-Treasurer Julie Suh [email protected]
Co-Treasurer Brian Mora [email protected]
Co-Recording Secretary Kathy Mularczyk [email protected]
Co-Recording Secretary Stacey Abeles [email protected]
Co-Communications Secretary Raymond Tu
Co-Communications Secretary Thuy Petersen
Co-Compliance Coordinator Jason Rein
Co-Compliance Coordinator Suzanne Flannery
Co-After School Program Coordinator Ariette Richardson [email protected]
Co-After School Program Coordinator Meghan Mackowick [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator Salma Mahmood
Co-IT Secretary Scott Lerner
Co-IT Secretary Kurt Ebrahim
Co-Parent Engagement Liaison Jacqueline Rogan
Co-Parent Engagement Liaison Katie Lanegran

The PA must adhere to Chancellor’s Regulation A-660 as well as our PA BY LAWS.