2023-2024 School Leadership Team

Core Member, Principal Monique Paniagua
Core Member, P.A. Melissa Cruz
Core Member, UFT Rep Adam Hyman
Teacher Melissa Sawicki Mallien
Teacher Dalelyn Wzynski
Teacher Jessica Kaminsky
Parent Saba Khan
Parent Selena James
Parent Julia DeBlasio Olsheski
Parent Laura Gallagher

What is the School Leadership Team (SLT)?

The School Leadership Team, known as the SLT, is a team comprised of parents, teachers and administrators who work collaboratively to make decisions regarding the school's educational programs and their impact on student achievement. The team is comprised of the Principal, P.A. President and the U.F.T. Representative along additional parent and staff members. The SLT will have a minimum of 10 members and may not exceed a limit of 17 members. The SLT shall maintain an equal number of parent and staff members. Its core responsibilities are:

  • To develop and review the school's Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP)
  • To develop a budget aligned with the CEP
  • The SLT operates in accordance with its By Laws and Chancellor's Regulations 655

When does the SLT meet?

The SLT meets once a month.  Meetings are open to everyone.

How does the SLT impact the school and my child?

The SLT makes decisions about the educational direction of the school, which will directly impact your child's education at PS101.

How can I share my ideas and suggestions with the SLT?

The SLT relies on input from all members of our school community so if you have comments or concerns, please feel free to contact your parent members on the team via email [email protected].

I have a concern about my child’s education.  Who do I contact?

As a parent, the best way to communicate educational concerns at PS101 is first with your child's teacher. If your concerns are not addressed, we suggest you contact the principal, Principal Paniagua. You may also share your concerns with a parent representative.  Please note that the SLT does not discuss individuals at the SLT meetings.

How do I become an SLT member?

Serving on the SLT is a great way to learn how the school operates and participate in the ongoing assessment of programs. There is a minimum of 4 parent positions on the SLT, excluding the PA President position. Elections are held once a year for positions which are open. If you are interested in becoming a SLT member, you must submit an election form in the Spring. The PA will make announcements for the elections in early Spring.