ASP Policies

ASP Policies - January, 2018

Registration and Enrollment
Registration and class enrollment will occur online via the Parent’s Association website:


Registration refers to completing your family profile, contact information and payment information in the JackRabbit ASP system. You can register in the system at any time.

Enrollment refers to choosing and signing up for classes. Enrollment dates will be announced via backpack fliers and emails several weeks prior to the next session.

Open Enrollment will close on the 2nd Sunday after the first scheduled ASP class.

Session refers to either the Fall offering of classes or the Spring offering. Typically, the Fall session runs from 1 week after First Day of School to February 1 and the Spring immediately thereafter until 2 weeks before Last Day of School. Session dates will be made clear at the time of Open Enrollment.

Tuition Payment

Balance of tuition will be collected within 30 days of the beginning of a Session.

Checks and Cash

Checks and cash are discouraged but will be accepted.  This must be set up with the ASP coordinator minimally one week prior to the due date of tuition payment.  After that all payments must be processed via credit or debit cards. Please note that in order to complete your Registration, a valid credit card must be provided. Checks must be dropped off in person to the Main Office in an envelope labelled “PA After School Program”.  Cash shall only be handed to the ASP Coordinator or PA Treasurer.

If the PA receives a returned check, the family will be subject to any bank fees which are incurred.

Outstanding Payments

Families who have outstanding balances after tuition payments have been processed will receive notice and have 5 days to cure the balance. After which, the student will not be allowed to attend any further ASP classes. School Administration will be informed of those who have not cured their balance in a timely fashion.

Class Changes

Students are encouraged to attend at least two classes before requesting a class change. Changes may occur without penalty after the 2nd class and up to the 4th class.   Changes after the 4th class will be considered on a case by case basis.  Please note if after the 4th class you transfer from a class provided by an outside vendor, prorated refunds cannot be offered.  This is because after the 4th class the ASP pays the vendor per student in each class.  For all other teacher instructed classes refunds are provided on a case-by-case basis and will be prorated based on remaining weeks in the schedule.

New Students That Arrive After The Start Of A Semester

The only exceptions to the Enrollment, Change and Refund policies above will be for those families that are new to PS 101 after the first day of the Fall and Spring semesters of the ASP program.

Late Pick Ups

The Main Office must be called no later than 3:50 pm to alert the school of late pickup. A late pickup fee of $50 may be assessed at the discretion of the PA and/or school administration to anyone who has not arrived by 4:15 pm. Payment will be collected via the credit card on file in the ASP system; no checks will be accepted. If the charge is assessed and payment is not paid by the end of the semester, the student may not be eligible to enroll the following semester.


If your child is absent from school the Main Office will notify the ASP staff at PS 101 and St. Luke’s/ThinkingCap.  If your child is attending school but will not be attending ASP on a given day please call the Main Office and send your child to school with a note.

Disruptive Child

A phone call will be made to the family if a student is found to be disruptive or if there is an incident in a particular class. If disruptive behavior continues, the student will be removed from the class. You will be notified by the after school supervisor.  A pro-rated refund will be processed.

Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, 9-1-1 may be called.

Data Collection Policy

I understand that the PS101Q Parents Association collects data in the course of administering the After School Program. Data which is collected will NOT be shared with 3rd party vendors or any other entity without my express permission. The Parents Association may utilize the data to communicate with me regarding school, events, After School or other directly pertinent topics. The data may also be used for the creation Grade-wide contact lists which will be distributed to school parents.