After School

Welcome to the PS101 After School Program (updated for Spring 2024)!

Thank you for choosing and supporting the PS101Q Parents Association After School Program!

We are proud to help our parent community by offering our children high quality, inclusive, fun and educational after school classes in the same building where they attend school. Additionally all profits earned from the after school program directly benefit our children at PS101Q. The Parents Association utilizes these profits to bring an array of gifts and activities to our school community, including residencies, air conditioners, rugs, community events, school celebrations, and much more. Your support truly makes a difference in enhancing the educational experience of our students. We are looking forward to a fun, entertaining and educational semester with your children.

Spring 2024 Semester

The Spring 2024 after school offering is HERE!

Spring Afterschool will start Monday, January 29, 2024 and end Friday, June 14, 2024.

Learn all about our new classes, find the activities your kids will enjoy and get ready to SIGN UP, starting on December 12th @9pm!

Class Descriptions: Please see the Spring 2024 ASP class descriptions HERE.

Fall 2023 Semester

The Fall 2023 after school offering is HERE!

Fall Afterschool will start Monday, September 18, 2023 and end Friday, January 26, 2024.

Learn all about our new classes, find the activities your kids will enjoy and get ready to SIGN UP, starting on July 12th @9pm!

Class Descriptions: Please see the Fall 2023 ASP class descriptions HERE.


  • New Families: If you are new to PS101, please create a new account ahead of registration.
  • Existing Families: If you have already participated in the PS101 After School Program, please update your personal information and credit card details by signing into the ASP Portal.

For families new to the program, your children will be dismissed directly to their after school activities by their teachers on the days during which they are registered. Dismissal will be in the school auditorium at 4pm. Students enrolled in the aftercare program will be dismissed through 6pm. As a reminder, families can request emergency aftercare on days they cannot make the 4pm pick up for a fee of $35 if they're not already enrolled in regular aftercare. Simply email [email protected] if you are in need of emergency aftercare.


We will do our very best to accommodate children on our waitlists. We appreciate your patience and promise to let you know promptly when a spot opens up for your waitlisted child/children.


All students will have the opportunity to have a snack at the start of the after school class. Because it is a long day, please remember to send an extra snack with your child on the day(s) they are enrolled in after school. The school now has refill stations so please send a refillable water bottle for your child.


Parents may grant permission for their 4th and 5th graders to self dismiss (no adult pick up is required). We need permission specifically to dismiss from the after school program, so if you have not already done so last semester and you want your child dismissed on their own, please email [email protected] stating you grant permission for your child to self dismiss from the after school program for the 2023-2024 school year. Requests for self-dismissal for any child in grades 3 and below will not be honored.


Behavior is taken seriously during the afterschool program. Disruptive behavior, including damaging school property, will not be tolerated. Please remind your children that they are on school property during after school hours, and they must be respectful to the staff and spaces where after school takes place. After a serious infraction, families will receive a written warning describing the incident. Upon a second infraction, a conversation will occur to discuss moving the child to a class better suited for his or her personality. After a third and final infraction, the child will be dropped from the program without refund. Egregious infractions where the school administration must get involved may result in immediate dismissal from the program without refund. If parents have questions regarding specific issues, they can contact the on-site After School Coordinator, Jen Aletras at [email protected].

No drops, no refunds after September 24th.

Best regards,
Ariette R. and Meghan M.