Residency programs at PS 101Q are funded by the PA through the generous donations of our parents. Our offerings continue to grow. These programs offer rich, creative opportunities that both support curriculum goals and enrich students’ learning and personal growth.

In the 2020-21 school year, the PA will fund one residency for each grade. This year, all residency programming will be conducted virtually. Stay tuned for what’s planned this year!

Programs offered in the 2019-20 school year include:

Pre-Kindergarten: Mad Science

For over 30 years, Mad Science has delivered unique, hands-on science experiences for children through after-school programs, birthday parties, workshops, special events, and summer camps. In this 10-session program beginning in October, our youngest students discover the science of music, our senses, measurement, healthy choices, shapes and structures, and animal friends..

Kindergarten & First Grade: Studio in a School

Studio in a School fosters children's creative and intellectual development through quality visual arts programs. Beginning in late October, our 14-week program includes 10 sessions in-class, a professional development workshop for teachers, and a school-wide final exhibition to celebrate students’ creativity. Our designated Studio artist will adapt the program to support curriculum connections using clay, paper mâché and collage.

2nd Grade: Salvadori Center

Salvadori Center is an established program that uses math and science concepts to engage in cross disciplinary, hands on activities. Their program encourages creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. This year, children will study animal habitats in a “Starter”” program that is 8 weeks long, starting in early October. Art making also plays a large role in the activities for this theme, and the program will culminate with a showcase of their creations.

3rd Grade: TADA!

TADA! It’s time for some Musical Theater! Students learn the fundamentals of acting, singing and dancing on our very own stage. TADA! inspires young people from different backgrounds to be creative, learn and think differently through high-quality musical theater productions and educational programs. Over 10 sessions beginning in October, TADA! will provide a choreographer and a music director to shape a show that connects with our Social Studies curriculum. Parents are invited to celebrate their creativity in a culminating show in December!

4th Grade: Dancing Classrooms

Newly offered as a Winter residency—the extraordinary Dancing Classrooms’ program cultivates remarkable life skills in our children though the artful practice of ballroom dance. Ballroom dance is the medium used to nurture a sense of joy and accomplishment, fostering respect and teamwork among the students. Each residency culminates in a showcase for all participating classes, where every child performs and parents are welcome. Be sure to see the film “Mad Hot Ballroom” for a sneak peak of Dancing Classrooms in action!

5th Grade: Learning by Design: Center for Architecture

Go green! Learning by Design offers a residency focused on sustainable architecture. Their series of 8 hour-long hands-on workshops begins in November, allowing students to problem solve, collaborate, revise, and work through multiple engineering and design solutions.