Residency programs at PS 101Q are funded by the PA through the generous donations of our parents. Our offerings continue to grow. These programs offer rich, creative opportunities that both support curriculum goals and enrich students’ learning and personal growth.

In the 2019-20 school year, the PA will fund one residency for each grade. Stay tuned for what’s planned this year!

Below are the residencies that were provided to our students during the 2018-19 school year.

Pre-Kindergarten: Mad Science

Neutron Nancy returns to explore the wonderful wide world of Mad Science! In this multi-session program, our youngest students will discover the science of music, our senses, measurement, healthy choices, shapes and structures, and animal friends.

Kindergarten: Queens Botanical Garden

Go green! We return to the Queens Botanical Garden to explore the people, plants, and cultures featured at this local treasure. Field trips will introduce our kindergarteners to the rich array of plants and trees that call the Garden home. Visits will include a tour of the grounds and a seasonal workshop.

Before and after each field trip, Garden staff will also visit each class. These in-school outreach programs will include educational games, interactive activities and hands on crafts that either explore pre-tour topics or discussion about their visit.

1st Grade: Wingspan Arts

Wingspan Arts returns for another fun-filled semester of creativity and inspiration! Their “Art of Science” program digs deep into the inevitable intersections between art + science through storytelling, music and crafts. Proposed activities explore animal diversity, acids and bases - with colorful cabbage (!), the chemistry of polymers, how harmonicas work, and the delicate architecture of snowflakes.

2nd Grade: Mad Science

Get set for another semester of magical Mad Science for our 2nd graders! Our young scientists may study themes such as electricity, the science of weather, life in the sea and body basics, with lessons on the human body, health, and nutrition. Weekly sessions feature creative activities and dazzling demonstrations that promise to provide hands on, minds on fun.

3rd Grade: TADA!

TADA! It’s time for some Musical Theater! Students learn the fundamentals of acting, singing and dancing on our very own stage. In this multi-session program, TADA! provides a talented team - a choreographer and a music director - to awaken the stage skills of our 3rd graders. This creative program also supports a curriculum topic of choice.

4th Grade: Dancing Classrooms

Newly offered as a Winter residency—the extraordinary Dancing Classrooms’ program cultivates remarkable life skills in our children though the artful practice of ballroom dance. Ballroom dance is the medium used to nurture a sense of joy and accomplishment, fostering respect and teamwork among the students. Each residency culminates in a showcase for all participating classes, where every child performs and parents are welcome. Be sure to see the film “Mad Hot Ballroom” for a sneak peak of Dancing Classrooms in action!

5th Grade: Launch

Ready to robot?! Our 5th graders are trying something new with Launch - a robotics workshop! Motors, sensors, LEDs, wheels, and body parts will be used to fashion machines of their dreams. Simple craft materials will also be used, allowing them to experience the prototyping process. Once their creations are done, students will learn how to bring their robots to life.

6th Grade: Launch

Launch returns! This year, 6th grade gets to “talk tech” with a series of collaborative programming workshops that link the science of everyday life and the world of math. Building on the Scratch coding they learned at our school, our junior programmers will employ MIT’s user-friendly App Inventor system to program their very own apps for use on mobile and tablet devices.